::News & Events::

July 1, 2008:
This date marks the launch of OWI-Consulting. Return to this location for news and events involving this new enterprise.

::Speaking Engagements::

April 12, Montreal, Canada
April 15, Philadelphia, PA
May 18, Chicago, IL
May 20, San Francisco, CA
Evonik – Advanced Eudragit Workshops

“Scale-up and Troubleshooting in Fluid Bed Systems”

April 21, 2010:
7TH ANNUAL PTI CONFERENCEFormulation and Process Development for Oral Dosage Forms - “Fluidized Bed Spray Granulation”

::Past Speaking Engagements::

September 18-19, 2008:
The joint NJPhAST/EPTM meeting

October 1-2, 2008:
The Evonik Pharma Polymer 4th Advanced Workshop

April 1-2, 2009
10th Eudragit Workshop

April 26 - May 1, 2009
6th Annual PTI Training Program: "Formulation and Process Development for Oral Dosage Forms"


Welcome to the internet website of OWI-Consulting and its founder, David M. Jones. After a 28 year career at Glatt Air Techniques, Inc., David left his position as Vice President of Pharmaceutical Services to become an independent consultant (click “about David” to learn more). Specializing in fluidized bed solid dosage form processing, the practice will assist clients in equipment selection guidance; product and process development; scale-up and technical transfer; process justification and validation; process troubleshooting and operator and staff training. This will be done in a number of ways – click on the “Onsite” link above and learn more about process training seminars, preferred provider retainers(priority clients), per diem site visits and extended duration project management.

Time is of the essence – click on the “Forms” link above and download a copy of a non-disclosure agreement. If your company requires this type of agreement before you disclose any information, please review and sign it to get the ball rolling quickly. In all cases, information is treated in a confidential manner.

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